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  1. ally
  2. more questions to translate please...
  3. Could you help me?
  4. check my translation
  5. don't make your people fool you with their silence
  6. Check russian translation , please
  7. i want to translate this
  8. Shameless
  9. a few more questions to translate please...
  10. "Work on"
  11. "had a fight"
  12. provide services
  13. more questions to translate please...
  14. Trying to translate these 3 sentences , they have very simple differences
  15. Please help read this
  16. translation of some questions, please...
  17. translation of some quotes...
  18. Can you translate this phrase please..
  19. Help me with that , guys
  20. Need you to check my translation for these sentences
  21. need translation please...
  22. "сиськатого"
  23. Need translation please for sending a gift to a girl! :)
  24. Please check my translation of these sentences
  25. check this translation and correct me
  26. hope you can correct me because i think that i have some mistakes here
  27. Is this right translation ?
  28. How to say this right in Russian ?
  29. как это сказать по-русски ?
  30. Как сказать по-русски?
  31. Could you help me with this song?
  32. Can you help to translate this?
  33. Poem translation
  34. I need help
  35. Newspaper Headlines in a Zombie Apocalypse!
  36. Writing a Zombie Apocalypse Story
  37. questions translation / grammar correction
  38. Даешь агента...
  39. Translation attempt Eng-Rus (Catapults)
  40. Tattoo translation
  41. A translation of a poem
  43. How to say "this function works on a serverswide scale"?
  44. Check my translation, please?
  45. Need translation..more like corrections.
  46. Email to a friend
  47. Translate a personal note?
  48. получить синяк
  49. How do you say "are you disgusted by it" in Russian?
  50. Could someone please help me translate a few sentences into Russian?
  51. it shouldn't be like this
  52. Meaning of ''по буквам слова''
  53. знает свою долю лучше хозяйской
  54. Could Someone Translate This Song's Lyrics Into Russian? Thanks.
  55. объяснение
  56. как-то
  57. для общего развития
  58. Dead Poets Society: American Poems
  59. А все-таки
  60. Russian Transcript for this game cinematic (Starcraft II: WoL)
  61. The Burlak song from "The daughter of the commandant"
  62. В последний раз
  63. Missing parts in English translation of Pushkin's "The daughter of the commandant"
  64. Translation for tattoo please
  65. Translating a technical question.. how well did I do?
  66. Can someone help with a difficult sentence in Russian?
  67. The meaning of так точно
  68. Short single description in Russian please
  69. Translation request. lt is very important for me.
  70. Another song - Бег на месте
  71. Translating Vladimir Vysotsky songs to English (College task!)
  72. Я написал мальюсенкое письмо по русски, кому-то хочется прочитать и проверить?
  73. translation for Valentine's Day please
  74. песня-у щет мен(от АК-47)
  75. Good answer to "как сильно ты меня любишь?" - Help :-)
  76. Вопросы переведены с английского на русский- Вы не смогли бы проверить?
  77. translating some questions please...
  78. small translation please...
  79. More help with translation
  80. Help with 2-3 sentences
  81. Very Small Translation, thank you in advance!
  82. малые эпитафия перевод - Small Epitaph translation
  83. шансон!
  84. 3 sentences!
  85. Translating a character description
  86. Short Transltion Request
  87. Help translating a sentence
  88. Could Anyone Help Me to Translate This into Russian Please?
  89. The meaning of "вести"
  90. Need a little help with this email from a friend
  91. Could You Please Translate This to Russian?
  92. Could someone please translate this to Russian?
  93. Can someone please help me translating 2 sentences?
  94. Help with New Year's video - translation for Youtube
  95. Can Someone Translate This Into Russian?
  96. A Short Transltion Request
  97. Help with New Year email to my friends
  98. Quick Question on Translation
  99. Translating text I wrote (in the fantasy genre)... grammar check please
  100. Help with a thank you card in Russian!
  101. Can anyone write these lyrics for me?
  102. Translation of a song - need help (interested more in meaning)
  103. пар(Vapour)
  104. Translating Russian Written In English Language
  105. One more Youtube video
  106. Help with translation for Youtube
  107. Deconstructing Russian
  108. Love note..help with translation
  109. Hamming it up
  110. Could anyone please help me to translate into Russian??
  111. Short note for restaurant customers
  112. please ! someone can help me translate this to russia (Aviation problems)
  113. Gymnastics terms
  114. Difficult email from a vendor
  115. Help with a technical question in mechanical engineering (a little challenge,maybe?:)
  116. Need help translating these documents to English.
  117. Cyrillic textversion of this song by T.a.t.u & Rammstein
  118. Help translating a reply to a friend
  119. Help in translating text and checking my grammar (Also for video clip :) )
  120. Recording myself with my costume - need help with grammar
  121. Would someone mind helping me with this short translation? English to Russian
  122. Help translate into Russian
  123. Scope instruction Booklet transaltion
  124. Recommending Masterrussian.net yet again, need help
  125. A political translation
  126. Please can I have some help with translating some new sentences
  127. Please help me with my translation of these sentences.
  128. Fantatic soviet character - need help translation my English text
  129. Mr Smith would like some help with understanding some short Russian texts
  130. Help Translating a Short Passage into English
  131. Heavy slang funny clip - need help understand
  132. Translating a phrase for my work
  133. The Continuing Adventures of Rus and Amy
  134. Grammar check please
  135. Свинья на счастье
  136. 5 practice sentences - is my translation correct?
  137. How do you say "crunch" (the exercise) in russian
  138. и уронит словечко вдогон
  139. the word 'remember'
  140. Domashka
  141. In need of a little translation insight
  142. "Sour Grapes" Aesop's fable translated from English to Russian
  143. I've translated "The little red riding hood" from Swedish -> Russian.
  144. Cucumbers
  145. First Aid sentences for medics/paramedics - need help translating
  146. Help translating several instructions for Russian tourists
  147. присваивания and ваивания ???
  148. золотою порою
  149. есенин
  150. Some lyrics and иметь в виду
  151. Help translate a short text for a forum post
  152. наглядеться
  153. Words not in my dictionary
  154. Shashlik vocab
  155. "Tie your shoe and zip your pants!" (and related expressions)
  156. себе самому изменял - what does this mean?
  157. Help with some cursive...
  158. Check my phrasing (short dialogue)
  159. Song...I don't trust the subtitles
  160. писаришками?
  161. Horses and cows
  162. Russian defence medal document
  163. лакейскую?
  164. отыскалась?
  165. брехомет?
  166. ДДТ - Дым translation
  167. Что это такое ручеёчек?
  168. Oсколки
  169. Anyone know this Russian Orthodox Easter Hymm
  170. Help translating what my classmate said
  171. Translating a Russian song to English
  172. Someone please help me translate жёлтые тюльпаны
  173. Declensed and Translated 2
  174. Declension and Translations
  175. I need a quick translation
  176. Help complete a form in russian
  177. Need Help Translating English to Russian for Documentary of Syrian Revolution
  178. несогластна. увы. незапрещает. общатся
  179. What does the voice say in this video?
  180. Meaning of word "Псарь"
  181. Subjects in school
  182. Some silly stuff for work....
  183. Am I missing something?
  184. щугался
  185. отпуск - degree
  186. Please translate this
  187. What does this mean (a Dostoevsky quote, I think?)
  188. Праздник-то какой!
  189. Please check this tattoo design? (font issues with Cyrillic letters)
  190. Он грустит по тебе
  191. Please correct and detail my mistakes with explanation, please
  192. Correct my Analsysis first please before I translate.
  193. Can I please have this corrected again? Thanks!
  194. Corrections please..Love the Russian language..
  195. Your syllabus greatly helped me/Proud of this translation/Correct please
  196. Translation of watch text
  197. Imperfective? Again please
  198. Please inspect and correct these verses for me.
  199. Please translate this sentence
  200. Please have a detailed explanation of grammar mistakes
  201. Imperfective? please correct
  202. Help a beginner with this word? :)
  203. Please have this corrected again..
  204. Please have the patience to correct this
  205. Does accusative fit in here & did I right declension?
  206. Skaski. Pls check the translation.
  207. Help translating letter sent from relatives in Belarus
  208. More verses for correction.
  209. Pls. look over these verses for me.
  210. Need help translating this sentence
  211. Do you trust google translater?
  212. Would you be so kind to translate this lil letter please? :)
  213. Ivan and Lizaveta. Please look over the translation.
  214. Please look over the translation of this aphorism for me.
  215. Short message to a medical clinic
  216. What is someone answers the phone in Russian?
  217. English to Russian help please
  218. The girl with the sensitive nose. Please look over this translation for me.
  219. Help about religious translation
  220. Russian to English on youtube
  221. А как бы вы перевели с английского на русский текст этих песен.Thanks!
  222. одноклассников?
  223. Names
  224. Technical defence related translation
  225. царапина in English
  226. Translate this please..
  227. Request to save seats
  228. Title on warnings, cautions, e.d. ??
  229. Translation of непрививный
  230. Please Translate This for Me
  231. Translation needed for a Dostoevsky-inspired tattoo - fairly urgent
  232. Ленинград - Когда нет денег (Contains adult language, so be warned!)
  233. Russian Orphanage Sign
  234. Can I avoid repetition of words?
  235. 200years old handwritten text - help with reading and translation
  236. Confused!
  237. Пpедзнаменование/ T*e Omen. Please edit t*is translation for me.
  238. Please translate this video for me!
  239. What does "чья" mean?
  240. бобла? «--что такой? Not in google translate or Oxford Russian dictionary
  241. I can't find some of these words in the Oxford Russian dictionary or Googletranslate
  242. difference between "пахнут","пахнет" !!!
  243. "не пропадай" what is mean !!
  244. Svarog
  245. Need some help translating a song. DX
  246. difference between "навещать", "посещать"
  247. Please help me with the phonetic pronunciations
  248. Make sense of this, I don't totally get it.
  249. Birthday Card Translation
  250. How do you say BODY CORPORATE in Russian?