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  1. Please help me with the phonetic pronunciations
  2. Make sense of this, I don't totally get it.
  3. Birthday Card Translation
  4. How do you say BODY CORPORATE in Russian?
  5. Translation/meaning of the word, solitude in Russian
  6. Thinking of getting a Russian Tattoo
  7. Can someone please translate,"Мой Троюшка!" to English and explain meaning. Thanks!
  8. A few sentences: English to Russian
  9. Someone want to translate a short message?
  10. Need some help with this (Some vulgar involved, sorry...)
  11. I would never have figured that out!
  12. Help translate my name!!!
  13. Please check the translation of this little story.
  14. Translate me!
  15. Rusalka - HC Andersen
  16. Player!
  17. what does чем маешся mean?
  18. sentences I wrote, do they look accurate w/ English translation?
  19. Something to Tell My Russian Friend
  20. The Scandalous Truth About Project McDonald's
  21. "моо ассоциация международного права"
  22. "в общем"
  23. Can you please translate this?
  24. What does this mean? Вас заселят по заявке....
  25. двухместный однокомнатный
  26. Something I need to put in an email....
  27. Help with Ayn Rand quote
  28. Sentences about printing
  29. What does it say on these labels?
  30. Translation: "because" and "грызня"
  31. Среди миров (И. Ф. Анненский)
  32. Please, can anyone help me to correct the text in English?
  33. Can you please translate there?
  34. Mika Newton - Angel
  35. some sentences I wrote in Russian. Correct them, please :)
  36. Some military sentences..
  37. Some words and phrases
  38. 1мчз им. кирова
  39. Rice Milk or Soy Milk in Russian....?
  40. Please translate this postcard I received.
  41. translation - epic fail
  42. Need help to buy a t-shirt of a russian band.
  43. Some border crossing phrases!
  44. Translation: Russian to English
  45. Can you please help me translating this? (english -> russian)
  46. помочь с переводом
  47. How to translate correctly into Russian
  48. Александра
  49. found this quote on Facebook
  50. Translating a program
  51. I'm all up for change!
  52. Help with cursive writing in movie credits
  53. Need help reading cursive postcard.
  54. What is incorrect about this...
  55. Savishova translation
  56. can someone tell me what this means?! "Язык чужой и это все совсем не страшно."
  57. Fabrika translation
  58. Can you please translate?
  59. Как летать?
  60. hey all, small translation would be a great help
  61. Can you translate the following?
  62. У Вас день за год идет?)))
  63. I hope so and I hope not.
  64. Can you dictate this?
  65. What is the meaning of that communication?
  66. How to say: More than one million people died...
  67. How do you say 'Would you like...?'
  68. My favorite quote, by Emo Phillips
  69. English to Russian ,letter ,help please!
  70. Marriage Certificate Translation Help Please
  71. can somebody help?very short phrase
  72. это наш-то тихоня
  73. How would this be translate in English?
  74. What is he saying?
  75. interview
  76. Handwriting in Russian cursive
  77. Bi-lingual or native Russian translator?
  78. Help with photo inscription
  79. had wanted :захотелся?
  80. What does it mean?
  81. Christmas Card Message
  82. Old Photo - translation request
  83. в ликчу
  84. How do you say "The sacrifice of hiding in a lie" in Russian?
  85. going up hills, elevators etc, + going down.....in russian
  86. Short Russian Essay Needs Correction
  87. союзсортсемовощ etc.
  88. выдержка
  89. What does it means "Красота-то какая" ?
  90. Need help translating song
  91. Help with obituary
  92. Дураку полработы не показывают
  93. да любите друг друга
  94. Hi everyone
  95. hello!! please help me! thank you!! :)
  96. need translation for Сява song - Джекпот
  97. высшая математика in English
  98. a very simple translation into hand writing?
  99. Clarification on a Russian sentence in a movie (Boondock Saints)
  100. Could someone help me explaining this sentence? Thanks
  101. Russian video voice translation needed
  102. :)
  103. Ring engraving translation
  104. Please can somebody help me to translate this manuscript russian message?
  105. Please translate !!!
  106. Please Help
  107. What is FlightControl saying?
  108. Please help translate single words nad short phrases :)
  109. Urgent Help
  110. please help me
  111. Could someone please translate these few sentences for me?
  112. Could you improve this letter?
  113. Translation please?
  114. How do you write...
  115. Briefing. What is he saying
  116. need better translation for Kristina Orbakaite
  117. dative + infinitive
  118. What is he saying?
  119. Need help with russian audio-file
  120. hi could you translate this for me please?:D
  121. Longhand translation in Cyrillic (Last one for the day)
  122. Longhand writing by brilliant language professor[put corrections in red ink please]
  123. are tired to events - what is it mean on russan?
  124. where pollution comes from
  125. i need help with short phrase translation
  126. Please, translate correctly on russian (Pure morning)
  127. Yulia Savicheva - Esli v serdtse zhivyot
  128. My first translation. After corrections
  129. How do you translate these words?
  130. Translation required of few lines (RUS-ENG)
  131. Translate this! ... please! <(@^_^@)>
  132. My First Russian Poem: Please Help
  133. I need some help with these sentences
  134. Пароль: язнаюпароль
  135. Just because...
  136. ты чего??
  137. против природы не попрешь
  138. Moniker "Emancipator" does not belong to Obama
  139. Yeltsin revelation/please correct translation
  140. Please correct translation
  141. Help people who study Russian.............
  142. A coupla' more sentences :)
  143. Ru to Eng help
  144. A little help with a few sentences.
  145. another question: MO
  146. диплом: УТ?
  147. Old document.
  148. оно обозначилось...
  149. you like fishsticks?
  150. from my soul
  151. Please urgent help needed(translate the russian instruction)
  152. yet / not anymore
  153. Need help translating part of a poem
  154. I need help translating for my girlfriend
  155. "сварог" meaning!
  156. Salamat ! (Thanks in Pilipino)
  157. Cпасибо!
  158. Thanks for doing this to me !
  159. Не все песни для всех...
  160. Search engines didn't help!
  161. Translate Please
  162. Я тоже никуда не ездию...
  163. не занимайтесь подобной фигней
  164. Это уже крайняя степень лени....
  165. руки не доходят
  166. Что делать ? Что сделать ??????
  167. все, что есть на мне, пристает ко мне
  168. Sentences about clothing etc...
  169. Translate again please....
  170. Please translate/ Ladies Don't Let This Happen to You
  171. любезность очень/favour please
  172. что тут и как.
  173. From Russian to English 2
  174. From Russian to English
  175. переводите пожалуйста (девиз из путин)
  176. Spelling Names
  177. переводить пожалуйста
  178. What does "мне закиды" mean?
  179. Help with Signed Painting, Please!
  180. Its bit different than translation... read inside
  181. Please translate shirt
  182. What does this mean?
  183. to have something in common
  184. Scene from "Der Untergang" [Downfall]
  185. I hate cheese.
  186. help me plzz
  187. Localization needed
  188. Help with translating a website
  189. kak stolko
  190. to break in a pair of shoes
  191. Which dictionaries do you guys use?
  192. гаврик
  193. утверждать, заглавие, распечатать, напечатать, составлять
  194. A quick message to tranlate into russian
  195. Help my Russian student?
  196. дрю мэиит
  197. сливать деньги
  198. times
  199. Seems like a goodnight...
  200. russian translation for my russian birth certificate
  201. Completing my audio-text
  202. Need a brief quote translated
  203. What is being said in this very short audio file?
  204. translation needed... help?
  205. Russian Translation please
  206. talking about grammar in Russian
  207. Need help translate this to english,, pls help
  208. He is not like other customers. He is special.
  209. Please compare these translations
  210. Sentences for grammar!
  211. comparison
  212. translate this pls
  213. translate this pls
  214. Declassified NKVD Document ...
  215. Translation help
  216. Please translate
  217. Russian Commercial Grammar Check
  218. Please help me translate the legend of a picture
  219. по договоренности
  220. Перевожу свой рассказ
  221. чуть ли не
  222. Esoterical phrases (Rus->Eng)
  223. жизнь бьет ключом
  224. О назначении экспертизы
  225. please translate these short phrases?
  226. Quick Phrase Translation.
  227. I can't translate this
  228. Собрание законодательства РФ
  229. This thesis is dedicated to...
  230. Some sentences relating to time and events
  231. общинные начала, всемирное боление
  232. переживать
  233. Check my translation, please.
  234. Please Help! Small Change
  235. Translation English-->Russian... Please help!
  236. Please help with translation of two words
  237. Quick translation confirmation
  238. Hungry Cat
  239. что не понизят
  240. Does anyone know what this says?
  241. Help with handwritten letter
  242. Whats this?
  243. KIndly help me translate this song
  244. Translating a Recipe
  245. Translation of Soviet poster
  246. Help with English to Russian short translation!
  247. recieved messages.. can someone translate to english please.
  248. can someone help translate to English
  249. кинуть кого на большие бабки
  250. Translate an old datasheet