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Thread: Scene from "Der Untergang" [Downfall]

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    Scene from "Der Untergang" [Downfall]

    In this scene, Russian General Zhukov speaks with one of the German officials who is, in a futile effort, attempting to negotiate a peace settlement days before Germany's total collapse.

    I've never seen this scene in full before because, for some reason, it was severely cut down in the english version.

    It would be GREATLY appreciated if someone could please tell me what is being said exactly in this scene? ... YFvaZDemhs
    [please ignore the subtitles, it's a parody video]

    Thank you!

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    Re: Scene from "Der Untergang" [Downfall]

    Zhukov (Zh): Good... Very good... Excellent.
    ??: What is it?
    Adjutant: Comrade general, German negotiators are arrived.
    Zh: What? Already?
    Adjutant: They are in the hall.
    Zh: Let they wait a bit.
    Zh: Comrades, come here. Take it on! My generals are still at the front line. You must act as my staff-officers. Everything should look completely natural. Go!
    Zh: Comrade, immediately get into this. (push a civil guy into the wardrobe)
    Zh: Come on! Now!!!
    Zh: Be silent.
    Zh: Let them in!
    Zh: We know each other.
    German general(GG): We met several times in Kremlin. Before the war. I was an attache of the German Diplomatic Corps at that time.
    Zh: Herr general, what are the news?
    GG: I inform you that Adolf Hitler and his wife committed a suicide.
    Zh: We know it.
    GG: This is unbelievable... I am authorized by the government to start with you the negotiations about making peace. Between our states, which suffered the biggest losses in this war.
    Zh: Herr general, would YOU make a peace with me in a situation like this?
    GG: This is my task.
    Zh: Then report your new government the following. Berlin must surrender unconditionally. All surrenders must lay down arms. Then we shall talk.
    GG: My government will not agree to the unconditional surrender.
    Zh: Current situation does not imply the alternative.


    Well, nothing especially interesting.
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    Re: Scene from "Der Untergang" [Downfall]

    Cheers man!

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