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Thread: Some silly stuff for work....

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    Some silly stuff for work....

    There are quite a lot of people who know a bit of Russian at my work, a half-native speaker etc. Recently we started messing around in Russian, just for fun, and because we were dealing with some Russian material that got us started.

    Now it's becoming a bit of a joke and I want to show off a bit!

    How do you say this:

    This is a load of rubbish/tosh/nonsense!
    Do some work you lazy bugger!
    Excellent work my dear colleague!

    (all this is tongue-in-cheek, not serious, as you probably guessed...)

    And some cool ways of saying Hi and goodbye, that my colleageues won't know of!

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    This is a load of rubbish/tosh/nonsense! - (It’s a quote from a famous movie called Chapaev) "На то, что вы тут наговорили, — наплевать и забыть. Слушай теперь, чего я буду командовать" Now listen carefully to what my command is gonna be!

    Do some work you lazy buggers! - Кончай штаны протирать, дармоеды! Кто работать за вас будет, Пушкин?
    Excellent work my dear colleague! - Молодец! Верной дорогой идёте, товарищ!

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    This will knock my colleague Jurij of his feet for sure!
    Thanks a lot!! Now I've got to watch that film too - I don't think I've seen it.

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    This is a load of rubbish/tosh/nonsense! - Да это полная фигня! Фигня всё это! Это херня! (the last one is a bit rude)
    Do some work you lazy bugger! - Вы бы поработали немного!
    Excellent work my dear colleague! - Ну просто отлично, вы меня поразили!

    alexB's translations above are cool!

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    Это всё ерунда!
    Бред сивой кобылы!
    Хренота какая-то! (хренота is almost as rude as херня).

    Пошевеливайся, скотина! (very rude, only addressing to 1 person)
    Ноги в руки - и вперёд работать!
    Займитесь делом, лентяи!
    Кончай филонить! (from Kin-Dza-Dza movie)

    Отличная работа!
    Ну вот можешь же, когда захочешь!
    Молоток! (sounds alike Молодец! but funnier)

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    For the greater fun:

    Do some work you lazy bugger! - Месьё, арбайтен, пор фавор, престо!
    Excellent work my dear colleague! - Фатто тре бьен, камераден!
    "Россия для русских" - это неправильно. Остальные-то чем лучше?

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    Thanks! I'll let you know when I have tried it! There was no opportunity today since I was in meetings all day.

    it-ogos phrases are too silly! This has to be real Russian, because Russian just sounds very cool and is fun to pronounce, for Swedish speakers..

    The thing that makes it fun to pronounce is to totally exaggerate the consonants, or to try sound like a character from an old Soviet film.

    some of this might be too advanced for my colleagues to understand though. The person who is "Russian" (in fact, he is Ukrainian-Estonian, I learned today) did not grow up there, he just knows Russian from his parents. The rest of us (two others and me) just studied it at some point.

    I had an interesting surprise when I realised that my skills in Russian helped me to navigate Bulgarian software without any major problem.

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