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Thread: Poem translation

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    Poem translation

    I'm looking for a literary translation of this free verse poem while keeping the meaning rather than the actual translation of the words.

    The Bookworm

    Pages that effervesce dream worlds and fantasy,
    Sentences sprouting tentacles of words,
    Letters that exalt wisdom, love and kindliness to the heart,
    Immersing the reader's imagination in silent narration,
    A magical literary journey through the senses,
    Food for the reader's soul!


    many thanks in advance, full credit will be given to the translated version if interested

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    Кипят страницы тут мирами грез, бурлят фантазией.
    Здесь ниточки-слова сплетаются во фразы-кружева.
    Рассказы принесут в сердца любовь, добро, мечтания.
    Читательский воображения зов - погрузит в тихий мир повествования,
    В волшебный книжный мир, в мир пищи для ума
    и страсти для души
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    thank you very much aleh - really appreciated

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