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  1. How would you say these lyrics in Russian
  2. How do you say that someone is a great brother for his sister ?
  3. How do you say...
  4. How do you say...
  5. Ты form of verb должен?
  7. Help needed with Soviet Army/NKVD Ranks
  8. Help to Translate these sentences
  9. Should I use "boast" or "brag"?
  10. Wedding
  11. My sun
  12. Idiomatic expressions of love and beauty
  13. You Know What
  14. Aka
  15. Ownership
  16. "It's for the best" in Russian
  17. "My Moon"
  18. How do you Say this message was sent out by mistake in Russian?
  19. 'little wolf'
  20. Как будет по-русски "No sh*t, Sherlock"?
  21. How do you say Little Raven in Russian
  22. Переводы
  23. Grateful for some help!
  24. No one gives a f***
  25. Боже правый!
  26. curse under breath
  27. Are you talking to yourself?
  28. every beginning is difficult
  29. How do you say "I still live" in russian?
  30. affected
  31. Closing an e-mail
  32. issue, expire, deadline, duration
  33. Brainwashed
  34. Making it up
  35. How do you say "Who do you bet on?" in Russian?
  36. Do I Formulate This Sentence Correctly?
  37. Hello Ladies!
  38. How do you say "Let's see..." or "Let me see..." in Russian?
  39. junk characters
  40. How do you say ''My life, my decisions'' in Russian?
  41. how to say .... in russian
  42. Two quotes about life.
  43. How to say "enroll in college" in Russian?
  44. Russian equivalent of of "c/o" in letters
  45. How do you say "Are you making friends?" in Russian?
  46. Simple and short phrase
  47. How do you say "I'm charmed by Russian people" in Russian?
  48. How do you say, "to volunteer doing artwork" in Russian?
  49. "Happy Birthday" and "The Cake is a Lie"
  50. How do you say "Sorry, all prices are final" in Russian?
  51. Drama Award
  52. How Do You Say Get Up Its Christmas In Russian?
  53. Как будет по-русски "to flip over" (яичницу, или бумажку, или песочные часы)??
  54. Что значит так на английском?
  55. How do you say "May I?...." In Russian?
  56. need help with very sinple translation (Contains profanity,so be warned!)
  57. To practice doing something...
  58. Boy Scout Oath in Russian?
  59. How do you say "You're all (noun)" in Russian?
  60. grow apart?
  61. How do you say "come on!" in russian??
  62. How do you say "I wanted to be with you, there was no question, I knew it instantly"
  63. Can you translate these phrases from english to russian please?
  64. Hours of operation
  65. Как перевести эту цитатцу Токвиля на русский?
  66. How do you say "Twiggle" in russian
  67. How do you say "The Greeks had a word for it"?
  68. How do you say "how it was your New Year?"?
  69. She will like me
  70. Messages in the russian subway like "Please mind the gap"
  71. I like her
  72. How do you say, "everything to nothing" in russian?
  73. troublemaker
  74. How do you say "get out" in Russian?
  75. How do you say........
  76. All things are possible in space and time
  77. how do you say "same"
  78. How do you say "composed by"
  79. How do you say these two noun phrases in Russian?
  80. How do you say 'to hurt somebody'?
  81. How do you saw Glamorous Life?
  82. How do you saw Sweet Dreams in Russian?
  83. Exercise terms
  84. affect not effect
  85. How do you say "..." in Russian? (two different questions)
  86. How are you enjoying your night?
  87. The Emperor's Wife Continued.
  88. "Clear!" during defibrillation.
  89. hiking/backpacking
  90. "fishbowl community"
  91. some phrases in Russian
  92. "you will always feel this way"
  93. How do you say....
  94. How do you say "Graduate School" in Russian
  95. help with some phrases
  96. Oral preparation help!
  97. Deciding how to write/say my American name.
  98. Please check my translations of these sayings.
  99. Please check my translation of this proverb about Virginity.
  100. Sentences
  101. Unholy Trinity
  102. An unholy alliance; please translate this proverb for me.
  103. Please edit this translation for me.
  104. Another original proverb; please check my translation.
  105. How do you say "world peace" in Russian?
  106. Please check my translation of this original proverb.
  107. Privacy in Russian?
  108. Please Help Me!
  109. Need help...with Russian
  110. 2 lines
  111. Could you please translate this excerpt into Russian?
  112. Some movie quotes
  113. How do you translate this card in russian?
  114. what case will this be?
  115. Don't look further ...
  116. Until I was 21
  117. How do you say...
  118. How do you say, "Engagement Ring" in Russian?
  119. Speaks to my idiocy!
  120. Super fast question and answer - Pripyat
  121. Important Phrase for an ugly tourist.
  122. WHEN do you say "от добра добра не ищут"?
  123. Have you ever [done something] before?
  124. Как выражать "Sauce for the goose..." по-русски?
  125. How do you say: In your Dreams!!
  126. "Can you imagine that?"
  127. Как сказать "Dream of me!" по-русски?
  128. Caribou? (pic inside)
  129. Как сказать "I'm on my last one" по-русски
  130. How do you say this really complicated thing...
  131. How do you say ....
  132. No Tax On Dreams
  133. How do you say 'mow the grass' in Russian
  134. How do you say this - In Russian
  135. How do you say . . . in Russian?
  136. How do you Say "Muran" in Russian?
  137. How do you say "one of the most/least ... of ..."?
  138. How do I say in Russian?
  139. characters
  140. How do you say CreditCards/BankCards/DebitCards in Russian?
  141. How do you say 'I would not ---, if it hadn't been for ---?"
  142. How do you Say Sunglasses in Russian ?
  143. How do you say "And you?"/"What about you?" in Russian?
  144. Henna/ Mehndi/ Mehndi? (pics inside)
  145. integrated solutions
  146. how do you say "relentless forward movement" in Russian?
  147. "Learning Russian" in Russian.
  148. A beautiful soul is haunting Internet…
  149. Circuit-training
  150. Brother, I will (or shall) always remember
  151. How do you Say bumper cars in Russian?
  152. How do you say "I love you" in Russian?
  153. How to say "the criminal underworld" in Russian?
  154. How to say I'm sorry I cannot visit you, but I send my...
  155. How do I say Merry Christmas?
  156. How to say "Bless our home" and "Happy Holidays" in Russian?