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Thread: How do you say that someone is a great brother for his sister ?

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    How do you say that someone is a great brother for his sister ?

    I noticed there's a "How do you say" thread so I decided to post the same question here as well.

    How would you go about saying something like :

    You're the best brother in the universe.
    You're an amazing brother.

    Google translate comes up with this but I don't want to sound like a translation bot and I want to make it sound rly casual and not too formal ^_^ :

    Ты лучший брат во вселенной.
    Ты удивительный брат.

    Thanks !

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    Ты лучший брат во вселенной -> Ты лучший брат в мире. 'universe' is not casual word, so use 'world' instead.
    Ты удивительный брат -> Ты замечательный брат. 'Удивительный' has shift in meaning to 'surprising' and probably you must use word 'замечательный' (great/remarkable/wonderful).

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