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Thread: A great site about The Great Patriotic War.

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    A great site about The Great Patriotic War.

    Great respect to the people, who made this job:
    Please, correct my mistakes, except for the cases I misspell something on purpose!

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    Re: A great site about The Great Patriotic War.

    Yeah, some Europeans are surely amazingly ungrateful for the incredible sacrifices of the USSR during the war.

    USSR soldiers sacrificed their own lives by the millions, and saved millions of European lives!
    However, people who watch only Hollywood films think that the landing in Normandie is the only event that matters.

    I for one am greatful!

    Hitler absolutely would have tried for Sweden if he hadn't been tied up at Stalingrad and elsewhere on the Eastern front.

    The siege of Leningrad was something gruesome too....

    Comment on the website: Great, but a minor issue: 'The Great War" is used in English to refer to the FIRST World War which ended 1919. So this choice of wording regarding the Second World War which ended 1945 may confuse some English speaking readers at first.

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    Re: A great site about The Great Patriotic War.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johanna
    Yeah, some Europeans are surely amazingly ungrateful for the incredible sacrifices of the USSR during the war.
    Some Russians are incredibly ungrateful and forgetful... I, for one, am not sure I'd exist if it hadn't been for all those millions of people who gave their lives and health to defeat Hitler. My grandfather was in the Red Army, although he lost an arm early into the war and was demobilized. If we hadn't won in 1945 I think he'd been killed or sent to work to Germany, as millions of people in the occupied territories had been, therefore my father wouldn't have been born in 1953 and there'd be no me.

    I'll add another good site that contains books about war -

    I haven't read a lot of books about the Great Patriotic War, but those that I have read are extremely good to understand what it was like to fight with Hitler's Germany. Here they are:

    Светлана Алексиевич "У войны не женское лицо"
    This book is a compilation of stories from the women who fought in this war - nurses, pilots, snipers, anti-aircraft gunners. It's very easy to read and quite unputdownable. They don't talk about different types of weapons or specific battles but what it was like for a woman to be in the middle of a war. - this version is the one that was censored, I think. The version which includes those bits which were censored can be found on

    Александр Дюков "За что сражались советские люди" Now, this book is absolutely horrible. I was depressed for days after I'd read it, I literally lost my faith in humanity for some time. But it's the truth. I think we need to know and remember it.

    eta: a few more links: this site has got interesting photos
    here's an account of the war by a German historian
    Well, actually, all those links I've found through wikipedia
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