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Thread: How do I say Merry Christmas?

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    How do I say Merry Christmas?

    Can anyone tell me how to write Merry Christmas? Also Peace on Earth as well as "Wishing you a beautiful Holiday season? I need to send a Christmas card soon and would appreciate any help. Thank you

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    Someone who knows better please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Merry Christmas: "C Рождеством"
    Peace on Earth: "Мир на Земле"

    "Wishing you a beautiful Holiday season" sounds stupid even in English, but here's my guess, wait for someone to correct it.
    "Желаю вам прекрасные праздники"
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    Merry Christmas - С Рождеством!

    peace on Earth - Мира на земле!

    Wishing you a beautiful Holiday season - I think it would be better to diverge from the translation word for word and to put it like: С наступающими Вас праздниками!!

    С наступающим! - It's the most frequent phrase in New Year Eve. You are likely to hear it everywhere: in shops...everywhere
    Пораскинул мозгами, теперь собираюсь с мыслями.

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