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Thread: How do you say "..." in Russian? (two different questions)

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    How do you say "..." in Russian? (two different questions)


    The other day I was trying to find out what to call an amplifier in Russian. Seeing as there are lots of different things we could call an 'amplifier', I was unsure of which word I wanted. Specifically, I'm wondering what you would call a guitar amplifier, like you would plug an electric guitar into. Is it усилитель? Or something else? I don't really need this word for anything specific, at this point it's driving me nuts that I can't find out what it is. Who knows, after all the trouble it's taking me to find out what I thought would be a simple word, once I figure out it'll probably be permanently engrained in my memory!

    Question 2 is--- what would you call a 'Rink Guard' in Russian? I'll explain what I mean: here in America at ice skating rinks we have rink employees that patrol the ice, enforce rules, take care of injuries, etc.- sort of like a life guard on a beach. I have asked three Russian-speaking people that I know (wait, scratch that- four people...), all of whom have told me that when they lived in Russia, they didn't have rink guards, so they didn't know.

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    Re: How do you say "..." in Russian? (two different question

    Quote Originally Posted by Чайковская
    Yes we use 'усилитель' for 'amplifier' in most cases as well as for an electric guitar amplifier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Чайковская
    'Rink Guard'
    Whereas I used to skate outside I've never met any rink guards here. Though we would call them "сотрудники катка" (or "работники катка") "people who are in charge (who work) at the ice-rink".
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