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  1. Russian to English exchange
  2. Seeking native Russian speakers for a French-Russian ongoing linguistic exchange
  3. Wanting to improve your English skills?
  4. Looking to make an American friend that hates Trump?
  5. Looking for a native Russian speaker:)
  6. Looking for a Russian to help me.
  7. Looking for a partner for English practice.
  8. Hello-привет
  9. Look for a penpal from an English speaking country, can help to improve your Russian
  10. Skype English and Russian
  11. Ищу с кем попереписываться (для начала) на английском, помогу с русским.
  12. Free lessons of advanced russian language
  13. Ukrainian Hello
  14. Looking for an English-speaking friend
  15. Searching for an English native speaker)
  16. Native Russian learning German
  17. Hello. What about some language exchange?
  18. English/Turkish for Russian
  19. Russian for your English - Russian native speaker from Moscow
  20. I can help you with Turkish and English in exchange for Russian
  21. Можете ли вы помочь мне с русским языком?
  22. American Learning Russian in St. Petersburg
  23. Skype meetings man 25yo from Moscow Russian English exchange
  24. Language exchange
  25. English for your Russian
  26. hello ! Skype meeting to learn Russian/English !
  27. привет всем!
  28. Hello!
  29. Нужен иностранец для поболтать =)
  30. Native Russian needs native English.
  31. Настоящие письма - Real letters
  32. Russian speaker needs English speaker
  33. Russian - English, Spanish, French, German conversations at Langademy
  34. Norwegian looking for Russian tandem
  35. Ищу Skype Друг
  36. My Russian for your English
  37. Russian/English conversations on Skype
  38. Your russian for my english
  39. French looking for Russians
  40. Language exchange
  41. Polish, English <> Russian
  42. Ищу английскую собеседницу
  43. Language Exchange
  44. Looking for a Russian speaker! (American English speaker here)
  45. Learning Russian, can help with English
  46. Language exchange
  47. Language Exchange in Moscow
  48. Looking for English pen pal. My english on upper-intermediate level.
  49. English speaker in need of Russian Penpal
  50. Looking for English-speaking friends. I will help you to speak Russian!
  51. Looking for native English speakers.
  52. Looking for a native English speaker (Russian-English Language Exchange)
  53. Looking for russian friends
  54. looking for A Russian ,so we can exchange languages (RUssian-English-Persian)
  55. English, German <> русский
  56. My Russian to your English.
  57. Hi everyone !
  58. need help with russian
  59. looking for native Russian to learn basics
  60. Looking for native English speaker.
  61. Looking for a native Russian speaker to talk on Skype
  62. ищу собеседника по-русски, могу помочь с английском или с ивритом при необходимости
  63. Russian Pen Pal
  64. English-Russian exchange
  65. I want help teach Russian language to you.
  66. Are you looking for native Russian speaker?
  67. привет всем! Hello everyone!
  68. English-Russian exchange
  69. Free Russian / piano lessons in exchange for some decent English conversation
  70. Looking for a Russian penpal!
  71. Want to speak to an australian?
  72. english or spanish fellas are required
  73. Català/каталански
  74. Can some Native Russian speaker help me ?
  75. my russian -> your english
  76. just starting out with russian
  77. loking for Pen Pal)
  78. communication on Skype
  79. Let's talk about about everything :) Russian-English
  80. Free Russian lessons on Skype
  81. Russian-english talking
  82. We can help each other
  83. Looking for native English speaker, I'm Russian
  84. Can help you with Russian speaking if you help me with English!
  85. Look for pen fried.
  86. German/English female student looking for Russian speaker
  87. I'm from Russia
  88. LAnguage exchange in Saint-Petersburg
  89. Ищу собеседника для совместного изучения языка
  90. 50/50 language exchange
  91. A Russian would be glad to find somebody from the US to converse with.
  92. From Russia with love :D
  93. Разговорная практика (skype)
  94. Indian needs someone to practice russian
  95. Russian <-> English conversations (skype,gtalk)
  96. Let's be friends!
  97. Russian - (Turkish, English) exchange.
  98. Looking for someone to practice with!
  99. If you want to learn Russian, I would like to help you
  100. Russian - english
  101. RUSSIAN-FILIPINO language exhange!
  102. Language Exchange | Языковой обмен
  103. Hi, I'm from Russia and I have a suggestion...
  104. Looking for someone to practice with :)
  105. Всем привет!Hi everybody!
  106. Language Exchange
  107. Помогу в освоении русского языка.
  108. American Looking to Skype with Russians
  109. Language Exchang: Brazilian Portuguese X Russian (some English too)
  110. Language exchange! I can offer English, Spanish, Catalan or German :)
  111. Looking for help with Russian conversation.
  112. let's change the knowledge of languages
  113. Learn Russian and English, and at the same time learn something.
  114. Привет всем!!! Помогу вам с русским языком и прошу помочь мне с английским)))
  115. Hi, nice to met you here!
  116. Language exchange: English-Russian (Языковый обмен: Английский-Русский)
  117. Russian Learning!!!
  118. Looking for a native English speaker
  119. Looking for an English speaking penpal
  120. Looking for a pen pal
  121. Learn together with Skype or penpals
  122. rus-eng penpals
  123. English/Russian exchange in Saint Petersburg
  124. Speak in English / Russian
  125. 25 year old canadian guy looking to learn russian
  126. Just a penpal
  127. My english for your Russian! Language exchange via skype
  128. Looking for Skype language exchange. My Russian and your English.
  129. Real Russian accent for your english :)
  130. 22 Year Old Male Looking To Learn Russian For English
  131. Русский язык
  132. Russian - English (Skype)
  133. My English for your Russian!
  134. Hello! My English/Portuguese for your Russian!
  135. Greetings from Moscow)))
  136. American looking for female penpal between 22-32
  137. My Russian - your English (skype)
  138. Общаемся по Skype
  139. Ru guy's looking for english speaking penpals
  140. Gmail chat club
  141. Russian native looking for English penpals for language exchange
  142. Russian girl is looking for language exchange
  143. Native English speaker in Moscow
  144. I can help you to learn Russian
  145. Russian friends who speak English?
  146. I want to learn english. And i can help to you with russian language.
  147. I support who wants to learn Russian!! Sostengo chi vuole imparare la lingua Russa!!!
  148. Language exchange via email or Xbox live
  149. Russian guy looks for a language exchange
  150. hello! i'm russian, looking for skype penpals
  151. Skype Russian-English Group
  152. Hello, Russian-language man looks for helping with English.
  153. Всем привет :)
  154. Boy with the bruised eye
  155. Language exchange
  156. Looking for language exchange
  157. Can anybody help me in russian?
  158. Speak Russian? Let's trade languages
  159. Russian dude glad to help with russian, glad to practice english)))
  160. I want to write in Russia to you, you can write in English to me (in chats. No email)
  161. Hello, chinese here. (^_^)
  162. Native russian. learns English
  163. Good day. I learn English. You can practice your Russin
  164. Надеюсь побщаться
  165. May I know...please.
  166. Hello everyone
  167. Looking for someone to chat to from time to time. ME(Dutch, FRen, SPanish, EN, German
  168. Hello, my dear friends. :)
  169. Hello. I'm native speaker Russian language.
  170. hello everyone-need russian native to teach me
  171. I'd lie to find an English native speaker to get skyping! I'll teach you Russian!
  172. I hope to make some new Russian friends
  173. Hi, friends!
  174. Hello from Paris (France)
  175. help with the Russian lang.
  176. Hello! I want to learn english and can help to russian language.
  177. Hi everyone
  178. Any Russian speakers in Essex UK?
  179. I want to learn english. And i can help to you with russian language.
  180. Hello
  181. Let's be friends)))
  182. Indian looking for native russian who could teach me russian
  183. Glad to meet you!!
  184. Native Russian Speaker Looking for English Native Speakers
  185. Does anyone want to play Diablo 3 in Russian with me?
  186. Russian guy looking for pen pals!!
  188. Language exchange (russian-english)
  189. Looking for someone to help with Russian
  190. Я аргентинец, хочу говорить по-русски
  191. мой- Русский, ваш- Английский язык.
  192. Russian guy looking for language exchange
  193. Your daily observations?
  194. hope to exchange language...
  195. Изучаю английский, помогу с русским
  196. Iriniya
  197. Native russian learns English
  198. hi
  199. Russian-English exchange
  200. need some help to become less socially awkward in the eye of normal canadians :-)
  201. I'll Russian and Ukrainian, you tell me English :)
  202. I am looking for a penpal from abroad)
  203. I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse :)
  204. Russian - English exchange
  205. Я изучаю русский. Looking for Russian-speaking penpal. I am English-speaker. Native.
  206. Looking for native English speakers
  207. Rural Russians
  208. Твой русский - my polish
  209. Much more interesting
  210. Looking for Native Russian speaker
  211. Hello!
  212. Russian language and culture
  213. Russia
  214. Looking for native English speakers
  215. help in studying the English language spoken Russian
  216. My russian-belorussian, your english
  217. My Russian and Ukrainian-your English :)
  219. can you help a girl ))
  220. Rus-Eng exchange
  221. Native Russian for your English
  222. Your Mandarin for my English
  223. my russian, your english
  224. Russian & Eglish!!!
  225. Native Russian speaker searches for native English speaker
  226. Privet from Russia))
  227. My Greek / English for your Russian.
  228. Hi!
  229. I want to find frends studing Russian languegeand and speaking English to talk on Sky
  230. Privet Vsem. I'll help you to learn Russian
  231. I'm looking for an English-speaking penpal
  232. Wanted English speaker!
  233. Native speaker wanted talking Skype!
  234. Хочу научится говорить на англиском языке.
  235. I(Russian) want to learn English by Skype with someone(English mother tongue)!!!
  236. мой русский - your english
  237. Russians looking for English native speaker
  238. Russian native speaker looking for English native speaker
  239. Native English Speaker seeking help in Russian in exchange for help!
  240. Hangouts on Google+ (Видеочаты на Google+)
  241. English speaker looking for help with beginner russian
  242. _I'm looking for English speaker natives.
  243. My Russian for your English.(Предлагаю общение в Skype)
  244. Looking for Russian natives? I 'll help you ;)
  245. Russian native speaker looking for English native speaker
  246. Hi. I'm from Russia. I'm trying to learn English.
  247. hi
  248. Russian and Ukrainian
  249. Russian native speaker looking English native speaker
  250. Glad to meet you! Never say stop or wait to learn!