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Thread: LAnguage exchange in Saint-Petersburg

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    LAnguage exchange in Saint-Petersburg

    Good day to you!
    My name is Leontiy. I've been learning English for quite a lot of time. And I think I've achieved quite a lot and now I think it is time I took it to the next level but the problem is that throughout my years of learning there wasn't anyone I could chat to in English. And it is quite hard to master a foreign lanuage without being able to speak it! So I am looking for a language partner I could just chat with. In exchange I would be glad yo help you master the nuances and subtleties of The Russian language.
    It would be really a great thing to make friends with someone and meet a few times a week to chat.
    Please, mind that I speak with a British accent.(Once I knew a Welshman who said that I sound very arrogant and refused to communicate on this ground)

    Please, feel free to contact me -
    1) My email is -
    2) My skype is - Leonix0gamma
    3) I also have a profile on vk - Leonty Chernyakov

    Thanks for your time! I am hoping to hear from you soon!

    I think it is worth mentioning that I am a language expert, so I have a good command of the Russian language and can teach you all the ins and out.
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