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Thread: Pimsleur - Level 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogs View Post
    Here's Lesson 15:

    Урок номер пятнадцать – Lesson Number Fifteen

    Слушайте этот разговор. – Listen to this conversation
    Л: До свидания, Сергей.
    С: До свидания? Что бы вы хотели делать, Лена?
    Л: Я? Я собираюсь купить что-нибудь поесть.
    С: У вас достаточно денег? Сколько у вас?
    Л: Не очень много. У меня только несколько рублей.
    С: Сколько у вас?
    Л: Четырнадцать или пятнадцать.
    С: Вот десять рублей. Сейчас сколько у вас денег?
    Л: Не знаю, но сейчас у меня много. Большое спасибо.
    Только несколько – only a few
    Достаточно денег – enough money

    У вас есть пиво? – Do you have any beer?
    Да, есть. – Yes, I have some.
    Это пиво для вас. – This beer is for you.
    Для меня? – For me?
    Спросите! – Ask!
    Да, вино для вас. – Yes, the wine is for you.
    Вино для меня? – Is the wine for me?
    Вы хотите вина? – Do you want some wine?
    Сколько стоит пиво? – How much does a beer cost?
    Пиво стоит один рубль – A beer costs one ruble.
    А сколько стоит вино? – And how much does the wine cost?
    Я не могу. – I can’t.
    Я могу. – I can.
    Вы можете. – You can. [Note: может быть (maybe) = it can be]
    Вы можете что-нибудь выпить со мной? – Can you have something to drink with me?
    У вас есть вино? – Do you have any wine [note the есть]
    У вас нет вина? – You don’t have any wine?
    Сколько будеть два плюс два? – How much will two plus two be?
    Сейчас вы говорите с женщиной. – Now you’re speaking with the woman.
    Может быть, в семь часов? В семь, хорошо? – Maybe at seven o’clock? At seven, OK?
    Да, я могу в семь. – Yes, I can (do it) at seven.
    Вы можете купить вина для меня? – Can you buy some wine for me?
    Да, я могу купить вина для вас. – Yes, I can buy some wine for you.

    Open question: 'для' sounds different in the phrase 'для меня' than it does in 'для вас.' Is it just because of the following letter (м instead of в?) [STATUS: Answered - See this thread for an explanation
    Is anyone wanting to post a link to this, because that one isn't online? It sounds like that to me, too. When they say для for "for me" it sounds like dley, but when they say it by itself it sounds like dla.

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    Hmmmm... I myself have never felt this way, but I think I know why.

    Actually "для" should be unstressed, the "я" is pronounced like "и" or like "е" here ("л" is soft). And no, it shouldn't sound different in "для меня" and "для Вас" at all. The letters "м" and "в" don't play a part.
    - Оля

    Vowel Reduction is a prominent topic in learning Russian and affects (basically) every word.
    There are a few rule groups, and the е-ё-о triad comes into play a bit.

    This is why Москва is pronounced 'muhskva' not 'mohskva'

    It's a bit complicated. If you were to say для in a vacuum with no surrounding words - it would be with an /a/ sound. The thing is, prepositions [,words in general really,] never exist in a vacuum -- it's always going to be said with a word following it, meaning it's always going to be unstressed and the я will always reduce to a more relaxed ~е

    I would say, for the time being, think of it as a я, say it as a я, and try to hear it as a я, and the rest will come with time. [mass data exposure]
    After a while, the vowel reduction rules can start to feel like a very natural filter to the point where you hardly can tell that they are even happening.
    "В тёмные времена хорошо видно светлых людей."
    - A quote, that only exists in Russian. Erich Maria Remarque

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