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Thread: 'Kavelin' pronunciation and meaning!

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    'Kavelin' pronunciation and meaning!

    Hey there everyone, i just came across this Russian surname "Kavelin" and i was wondering how it was pronounced and what it meant! if any of you here could tell me it would be great!

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    Re: 'Kavelin' pronunciation and meaning!

    This surname derives from an obscure dialect word, which means "a squabbler", a person who likes starting fights or arguments.
    Many Russian surnames have obvious meanings (i.e. they are formed from common words or names), Kavelin is NOT one of them. I had to google for its meaning, because the formative word has been out of use for centuries. And the surname itself is relatively rare.

    That's probably more than you wanted to know.

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    Re: 'Kavelin' pronunciation and meaning!

    Thanks! that was a bit more than i needed to know but thanks either way, it all helped

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