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Thread: At what point to introduce Radio/Text

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    At what point to introduce Radio/Text

    My question is at what point would you introudce Russian Radio and Text into your learning.. How many words would you need to understand to be at a point were Radio/Text would be of benefit...

    I know a number of phrases but would only say I know 400 words at most.. Is there a basic book maybe even childs book that I can obtain that would help me recognise/understand more words in order to increase my vocabulary and knowledge.

    The Radio I hope will help me understand the way in which words are pronounced rather than written And as such am seeking advice from the knowledgeable peeps on here.
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    It is never to early to start listening to Russian Radio (talk radio, like Echo Moskva)! Listen to the radio 30 minutes every day and you'll start picking it up. Remember to have a dictionary handy and listen for known words. Good luck!
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    As kalinka mentioned, people learning Russian at even the earliest levels can benefit for listening to the radio (or just about any dialog). Be aware though that you don't instantly start learning and until you know a few thousand words, you can't understand more than a few words and sentences from time to time, but you do get words stuck in your head that way which makes them easier to remember when you translate them. There are other benefits to listening I just want to stress that you won't have amazingly fast progress.
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