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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello! Привет!

    In General Discussions, of course, already exists similar topic. But I think, Russian's Lounge also should have such thread... For Russian natives, of course

    And for start, my introduction.

    My name is Dmitry, I'm age 32 electronics engineer, live in Riga, capital of Latvia.
    My native language is Russian, I also know Latvian quite good. English I have studied for a pretty long time, so my knowledge level I can estimate as intermediate... But here, in Latvia, almost no practice possibilities

    What's else about me? I'm technical guy (but not a nerd), I like various technical things, from computers to space automats and history of science. Last time I'm also inspired by contacting people all over the world and lerning more about their countries and culture.

    I would find friends, who wanted to improve their Russian, with any level of present language knowledge. Helping them, I could improve my written and spoken language

    If you want to learn Russian, or just to know more about me and my country, feel free to contact me.
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    Hi Dmitry.
    Welcome to the forum.
    Какая разница, умереть богатым или бедным?

    Какой толк от богатства если ты не счастлив.

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    всем привет!

    меня зовут ричард. я живу в лидсе в англии и я работаю вообще как офис человек. я не часто гости этот форум на сайте....

    я 21 лет и бы хотеть ехать в россия в будущего

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    Heh, it`s some kind of discrimination…one thread for native English, one for others...
    Well, i`m 25, living in Russia, Novosibirsk, working as IT specialist. Just few months ago I found this site...I`m very like it, well, because I can practice my poor English here, and see what peoples from over countries thinking about my country. Also, it`s good what this site is not about just english-russian, but multilanguage portal.
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    I am Anatoli - a native Russian living in Australia. Too busy at times, so I don't promise any constant help but if you send me a private message with your question about Russian language, I will try to answer it. My English may not be perfect but it's good enough, so I am not seeking any help with English. I have lived in Australia for the last 8 years.

    As I posted in Japanese and Chinese lounge - I am interested in part-time Japanese/Chinese language exchange for Russian.

    I can help anybody interested in learning Russian.

    I work in Finance industry as a Data/Report Analyst (IT related). Have both linguistic and technical background.

    Anatoli - Анатолий - أناتولي - 阿纳托利 - アナトーリー - 아나톨리

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