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    Online conversation

    Can someone please translate the following into English?

    ya - ochen' khorosho tovarish!

    i nepospedstvenno?
    tak, kak veschi vkodyat v gosudarstva?

    I am doing my best at learning Russian little by little by carrying on online conversations. As far as context, this in a communication through instant messaging online. And this person is a Russian patriot (to the extreme). Does this help with context at all?

    Is there any basic ideas on the meaning of : "i nepospedstvenno?
    tak, kak veschi vkodyat v gosudarstva?"

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    More context is needed.

    For example, "ya - ochen' khorosho, tovarish!" can be answer to something like "How are you?" Literally it means: "me - very good/well, comrade/friend!"

    "tak, kak veschi vkodyat v gosudarstva" - I can't understand it without context.
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    То бишь:

    Я очень хорошо товарищ!

    И непосредственно?

    Так, как вещи входят в государства?

    erunda vsjo eto

    This kind of chat is absolutely the wrong way to learn Russian. Do u think u can lern english gud like this? lol....

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