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Thread: formal conversation

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    formal conversation

    I will be speaking to a friend's mother soon who had a recent surgery. I would like to know how to say the following in russian: (cyrillic please, stressed vowel in bold if possible )

    1. Are you feeling better? Are you having any more pain?
    2. I heard you went to a concert? How was it?
    3. I also went to a concert and had so much fun.
    4. It was a rock concert
    5. Your hair looks great.

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    1. Вам лучше? У вас где-нибудь ещё болит?
    2. Я слышал, вы были на концерте? Ну и как (он вам понравился)?
    3. Я тоже был на концерте, и получил большое удовольствие.
    4. Это был рок-концерт.
    5. Ваши волосы выглядят превосходно.
    Could you please occasionally correct my stupid errors!
    Korrigiert bitte ab und zu meine dummen Fehler!

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