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Thread: Book recommendations

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    Book recommendations

    I'm looking for book recommendations on learning French for beginners... I bought 3 books and none are satisfactory... I bought the Berlitz Self Teach, The Cortina Method and See it & Say it in French books... I might just buy and try out the Living Language one for beginners since I am satisfied with their other languages I bought (russian, Italian, japanese, mandarin)... but the French one seems to have gotten bad reviews on Amazon versus the other ones... For such a major world language it doesn't seem to have any or many good books for self teaching...
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    Re: Book recommendations

    I have the Living Language Beg-Inter and also the advanced course in French and I think it's great. I think LL is the best tool to get started in a language. For $50 you get a text with very complete grammar info and 8 CDs. I also have the Russian version and just got the Italian.
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