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Thread: Introduce Yourself!

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    I'm Aron Nimani, which is one of the least Serbian names you'll encounter. My mother is Serbian (well, and Croatian), and my father is Albanian (hence the Albanian last name, which has caused me problems with other Serbs in the past). Both were born in Serbia, but my father was in Iraq on business for a few years so the family went with him, and I was born in Bagdad.

    Eventually we found our way over to Victoria BC, Canada, where we've been ever since.

    I started taking Russian in university for no particular reason and am in my 2nd year of a Psychology degree (I'm 19). I just found this site while trying to do my homework. I speak Serbian fairly well, but having been in Canada most of my life any Serb would peg me as a foreigner for my accent.

    So that's me.

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    NineOne your ancestor are really interesting. This is the proof that in Balcan everything is possible. Welcome to Serbian Forum!
    Не могу све битке да се добијају. Рат не добија онај који оће све битке да добије него онај који уме паметно да их губи.
    Драгослав Михајловић

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    I'm new to this forum. I live in Maryland, USA. I'm 17 years old and going to be a senior in high school. I enjoy learning languages, especially Slavic ones. I'm here to learn Russian, but also Serbian

    I also LOVE ice hockey! My favorite player is Jaromir Jagr, from the Czech Republic.

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    Hi... I'm Damir,and I'm from Sarajevo, Bosnia. I'm not a croat,not a serb,a nd not a bosniak... I'm just a Bosnian

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