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Thread: Request for a good translation into German/English.

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    Request for a good translation into German/English.

    Dear kamka,

    I am currently looking for helpful Polish grammars and other aids addressing my needs as a foreign learner of your teriffic but difficult native language. On, however, I have so far found various articles appealling to me -- most of them with their synopsises written in Polish, of course; and so, this is, to understand what they can offer me after all, I have been translating them. Unfortunatley, in doing that, I have repeatedly encountered sentences being very tricky for me to render successfully into German, such as the following highlighted in blue:

    Zwięzłe, przystępne om
    I think, therefore I am.

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    "ułatwiające uczącemu się przyswojenie wiadomości teoretycznych i wykorzystanie tej wiedzy w praktyce"
    is pretty much this:
    "(...) making it easier for the learner to gain the theoretical knowledge and use it in practice"

    As for other "ciężkie orzechy do zgryzienia", I'll be more than glad to help you, if only I'll be able to

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