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Thread: Could OR couldn't care less?

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    Could OR couldn't care less?

    Какой вариант правильнее (ну или просто правильный)?
    "С чий очи сънувам, чий е този лик обречен?
    Смъртен глас ми се причува и отеква с вик далечен
    Как да зърна да погледна, чуждий образ да прегърна,
    на лицето ми студено грях в надежда да превърна.."

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    Re: Could OR couldn't care less?

    I don't know if there's any rule, but for me, "I couldn't care less" simply sounds more forceful, more dismissive than "I could care less." They both mean the same thing.
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    Re: Could OR couldn't care less?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yazeed
    Какой вариант правильнее (ну или просто правильный)?
    I couldn't care less -->(more) correct
    I could care less--> common variant, means the same thing

    You can also say, "I really couldn't care less."

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    Re: Could OR couldn't care less?

    hehehe... too funny. This was one of the first ones that bitpicker posted about on this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by bitpicker
    There are lots...

    The inability to tell they're, there and their apart.

    Writing 'standart' when they mean 'standard'.

    Using 'I could care less' instead of 'I couldn't care less'.

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    Re: Could OR couldn't care less?

    You'll find both used, but only 'I couldn't care less' makes sense in the context it is used in. You say that when something is completely unimportant to you. "So, there's a sack of rice which fell over in China? I couldn't care less' - it couldn't be any less important to me. If you want to express that something is unimportant and you say 'I could care less', then what you are saying there is that in fact it is not quite as unimportant to you as it could be - you may not care much, but you could still care even less. This very much defeats the purpose of the expression.

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    Re: Could OR couldn't care less?

    "I couldn't care less" is the only correct choice.

    Anybody who says, "I could care less", is demonstrating that the English language is also something they care little about.
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