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Thread: Suggestion

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    Especially for the site/forum visitors not from Russia:

    I don't know how many of you have a satellite dish at home, but I do Anyway, it is becoming a more and more useful learning tool for me to get to know Russian language and culture. I can receive about ten Russian language channels and also some Ukrainian ones. Maybe it would be a nice idea to create a section of the site or the forum where you can find information about what Russian channels can be received via satellite and at what frequency? I spend some time the past few days going deeply into the wonderful world of satellite tv, and I think by now I succeeded at receiving the maximal amount of Russian channels possible with my (actually my father's ) equipment. If there are people interested in this please reply to this post and I will convey my newly acquired knowledge to all of you. Maybe with a lot of response the forum admin will even include a new forum section???

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    I don't think it merits a special section, but maybe you could start a thread yourself. I envy you... with your fancy satellite disk and ten channels... Tsss... Was it expensive?
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    A thread would suffice.
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    ur lucky, the most russian channels we can get here is 4, and that's really just 3(cuz one is the same channel, just slightly diffrent scheduals). And here satelite dishes are rediculously expensive, and my family is rediculously poor. Plus they want 10 more dollars a month for the russian channels. Renting movies from the library is enough for now, but oh how i long for at least the international channel!! they had about 2 hours of russian programming a day, but now, i don't even have that.
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