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Thread: Easy Reader Suggestion

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    Easy Reader Suggestion

    It would be nice to have an Easy Reader list for those who are just beginning learning Russian, like me. The list should be link to the Amazon account, so the owner/administrator of this helpful website can benefit too. The list should include book recommended by the forum members and/or any other “good” book.

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    Re: Easy Reader Suggestion

    I like "The General's Daughter" ... 47&sr=8-27


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    Re: Easy Reader Suggestion

    How would I include a link to amazon in such a fashion that this site is credited with the referral?

    Anyway, I am currently reading "Casual" by Oksana Robski. I'm eight months into learning Russian, and of course I refer to a dictionary frequently, but I do get the gist of it. It's a novel about a high society woman whose husband gets murdered, and then learns to deal with life on her own. ... 958&sr=8-3

    Спасибо за исправления!

    Вам нравится этот форум, и вы изучаете немецкий язык? Вот похожий форум о немецком языке.

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