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Thread: Phoenetic Issues

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    Phoenetic Issues

    I am having trouble taking the soft consonants (with a y sound). I also want to hear the example usage of ы. Could anyone please speak the soft consonants and this yery into a microphone for me?

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    Re: Phoenetic Issues

    Hello, penguinhead

    This is my recording for you with hard and soft pronunciation of some consonants:
    I read examples from at the bottom of the page. If you need more examples with other consonants, I will gladly record more words for you.

    Now, the recording of Ы:

    This is what I pronounce here:

    ы, ы, ы, крыша, крыса, быстро, сыро, мосты, кресты, шест́ы, сын́ы, р́аны, др́амы.

    “Шесты” and “сыны” have two ы’s each. Accents in the last words mark the actual prominence of one ы. I just wanted to show that ы may not take stress and sound a bit different.

    P. S. Sorry, the accent marks don’t really work with the forum.
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    Re: Phoenetic Issues

    Thanks a lot, a quick reply indeed!

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