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Thread: Keyboard Issues!

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    Keyboard Issues!

    Hello, I've just nuked my computer and lost all my stuff, including the old programme I used to write Russian. Now what I'd like to know is if it is possible to get a phonetic keyboard on Windows XP without losing the ability to write with the normal Russian keyboard layout. The old programme I used allowed you to toggle between the two layouts, but now on windows it doesn't come with a phonetic keyboard. I have downloaded one but once this is loaded the original Russian keyboard no longer functions.

    Any one done this before or know how to help me?
    Thanks a lot!

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    1) There is no need in any 3rd party program to have Phonetic (homophonic) layout (A-A,K-K,O-O,T-T,...),
    one can just tell Windows to use Phonetic layout file with regular system keyboard tools - see

    "How to type in Russian" section on

    Layout is modifiable - the instruction contains a small chapter "How to modify my Phonetic layout".

    The instruction also describes std_nt.REG file - to be able to re-store the original setting.

    2) But the instruction above lets you install Phonetic layout instead of a Standard one - usually people need only one of them, they are too much different...

    Let me think how you can achieve what you want...

    Ok, here is one method - there are two Russian layouts in Windows, so instead of replacing first one with Phonetic, you could keep first one and install Phonetic instead of 2nd one -
    "Russian (Typewriter)".

    To do so:

    (1) First, if you've already installed Phonetic layout per the Instruction, then click on std_nt.REG to make Standard layout active again.

    (2) Now, add 2nd Russian layout via Control Panel - "Russian, Typewriter" - "Regional Options"/Languaages/Details/Add -
    "Input language" - "Russian" and below click on
    "Keyboard Layout/IME" to choose "Russian(Typewriter)"

    (3) Open y1251_nt.REG file (described in the Instruction) in any editor, say Notepad, and replace 1st Russian layout's data with the data of 2nd Russian layout:

    a) 'Layout text' line - type there "Russian (Typewriter)"

    b) Numeric value in the 1st line - 00000419 - is a number of 1st Russian layout, so replace it with a numer for Typewriter layout:

    Save the file. Click on it. Re-login to the system.

    Now Phonetic layout will be working instead of "Russian(Typewriter)" while regular "Russian" will be also available.


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    Hey, PavelUSA!
    Thanks so much for the help, that's exactly what I was looking for.

    большое спасибо!!

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