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Thread: Ways to use как

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    Ways to use как

    I see a variety of different ways to use "как" and am confused on exactly when and where to use it... can anyone help?

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    I'd like to see this drawn out fully as well.
    From what I know:
    How - As in questions. Как много, how many, is something you can say, but in my opinion that's a tragedy and you should use сколько. Насколько is used in some positions as how instead of как, when the "how" means "on what level ____", or "to what extent". как is basically "In what way", it pairs with так, "In THIS way"

    All the combinations of question and answer words don't make much intuitive sense to me, like "так как", and "как... так и". And I don't know what the other combinations are but they're useful to know because the make really fundamental relationships between ideas.

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    Oh, boy. That's a very complicated word to explain. More importantly, doing so will most definitely require a great wall of text, as even a Russian monolingual dictionary, designed for native Russians, goes a few extra miles with the word. Add to it the fact, that как doesn't really have a direct counterpart in English. Well, I need to stop complaining here.

    Anyway, I'll throw in a few ideas on как много. Firstly it can be both how much and how many. As xXHoax noted, you're usually better off saying сколько instead, however, going with как много is not a tragedy if there is a good reason for it. The reason being, when you need to emphasize много specifically.

    - Я получил вчера много денег.
    - Как много?

    Anyway, I have to go now. I'll try to expain the word better when I get back from work, if someone hasn't done so already by the time I'm here.
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