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Thread: different ways to drop off?

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    different ways to drop off?

    So with these verbs of motion and their counterparts: водить/вести, возить/везти, носить/нести....

    Could you form the verb meaning "to drop off" "to deliver" etc, with each of them, by adding the prefix "за" ??

    For example, if you said "Я завела собаку в твоем доме" does this mean "I dropped off the dog at your house" ?

    Is this form of the verb even possible?

    I looked these up, and the only one that seemed possible for this meaning was "завозить/завести" but then wouldn't that only indicate that you dropped something off/delivered something via transport? What if you walked?? Would you still use this verb, and people would understand from context?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    deliver - доставить. (Product was delivered acc. to the schedule - Продукт был доставлен по расписанию)
    He dropped me off at the corner - Он оставил меня на углу. Variant - Он довёз меня до угла.

    There may be a confusion with such verbs even for native speakers sometimes.
    Заводить (an animal) means to acquire smth. as a pet. Он завёл сенбернара. Он решил завести сенбернара. - He decided to have a St.Bernard.
    Завезти - deliver by any kind of transport. Он решил завезти сенбернара к дяде и оставить его там. - He decided to take (i.e. deliver) his St.Bernard to his uncle's home and leave the dog there.

    Note that difference between з and c in завезти(deliver) and завести (decide to have as a pet).

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    > Could you form the verb meaning "to drop off" "to deliver" etc, with each of them, by adding the prefix "за" ??
    везти - to carry smth by transport
    завезти - to complete delivering smth by transport (drop off)
    нести - to carry smth in hands/bag
    занести - to complete delivering smth in hands/bag
    (возить/завозить, носить/заносить are imperfect forms with the same meaning)
    водить/вести is a little different, with lot of meanings.
    "to lead walking procession" in closest to topic meaning, but with shift of attention to "to lead" part.
    So, many many verb were born from it.
    "водить машину" = "to drive car" (in meaning "to control car")
    but "заводить машину" = "to turn on engine of the car"
    "заводить в тупик" = emm... "to lead to dead end"
    "заводить питомца" = "to get a pet"
    "заводить часы" = "to turn knob of a spring-driven clocks to keep them running"
    and many overs...

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    Variant - Он довёз меня до угла.
    Variant 3: Он высадил меня на углу.
    "Невозможно передать смысл иностранной фразы, не разрушив при этом её первоначальную структуру."

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