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Thread: Meaning of or interpretation of

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    Meaning of or interpretation of


    My friend (maybe girlfriend) posted 2 pictures ...
    Both pictures were pretty much posted in the same minute and I'm a bit concerned on how to read it ^_^

    First picture was this :

    If I'm not mistaken this translates as "I will win you back from all lands, and of all heaven". Correct ? This seems lovely ^_^

    However, few seconds later this picture was posted :

    As far as I know this translates to "However... screw this idea". Correct ? Which isn't very nice ... especially if it relates to the first picture. Or am I misunderstanding this message ? Can the text not be related to the first pictures ? Because I'm having difficulties reading this Should I start looking for a new girlfriend ?

    Thanks for the translation help !

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    Both translations are correct.
    The exact meaning is hard to understand outside the context. I suppose it’s like “I’ll fight you back from all lands and heavens… Though… screw fighting, let’s just have a dinner
    Please correct my English

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    Hi @Soft sign,

    Thanks for your help in understanding this
    I can't really add extra context ... the pics were posted on a public social network as is.

    Maybe I am just taking this personal when I really shouldn't
    I've misunderstood her before and started some heated discussions because of that on previous occasions.

    I was just trying to avoid that but I guess I'll just have to ask her what she means and hope for the best ^_^

    Thanks again !

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