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Thread: Is Russian an official language outside Russia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TATY
    Quote Originally Posted by Barmaley
    Quote Originally Posted by gRomoZeka
    Well, ukrainian and russian are both official languages in Kharkov (Ukraine) for now. But it's almost for sure that president will find a way to abolish that desision. He's not a fan of russian language.
    But not if he gets thrashed in the election and Tymoshenko joins up with Yanukovich...
    The elections this year are not presidential. I don't really see the Tymoshenko and Yanukovich partnership working. A Ukrainian friend (who is pro-Ukrainian, pro-Orange revolution and such) told me the pro-Ukrainian press, and Western press really over-inflate public opinion on Tymoshenko. I mean Ukrayins'ka Prawda always is running stories about her. "Yulia Tymoshenko celebrates her birthday", "Yulia Tymoshenko launches election campgain", "Yulia Tymoshenko goes to the toilet". I once counted 7 pictures of her on the homepage alone. Anyway, my point is, they would have you believe she is really popular in Ukraine, but my friend claims she isn't and people don't trust her.

    Yanukovich, on the other hand has a good strong loyal following, that is on the rise. It is quite possible he could beat Yushchenko in the next presidential elections.
    Well, Tymoshenko is always surprising people, one way or another It's hard to predict what she'll actually get, but I suspect she'll do pretty well. I'm more curious about what she'll do after that.

    Oh, and Yanukovich won't be in the next elections and he does not have a following to speak of. The Party of Regions does.

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    In my hometown Trabzon,there are lots of Russian people especially распутници in here Russian is the 2nd spoken language Trabzon locates in North of Turkey,on the Black Sea Coast.You can go to Sochi by ship only for $30
    Главное что есть ты у меня...

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