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    Gift Question

    Is everyone tired of answering the gift question yet?

    There is a Russian woman of grandmother age who I have lived below for a handful of years. Her and her husband have always been kind to me and my son in passing. And they are VERY private people-which I admire and respect of them. Yesterday I "felt" something different in her communication...kindess AND trust. She gets very smiley and seems pleased that I learn the Russian as I try to say hello and some words in her language. And.. well.. they are really the only people on this block who I really really admire without question.

    So... anyways. It means alot to me that they have been such good people to my small family and I was wondering... if there is an appropriate gift amoung strangers and an appropriate day to give it and what item would be accepted in a "Hey, I just think your the greatest-thankyou for being kind to ME" kind of way.


    They go to pick flowers or fruit every morning. Is there a must have herb or plant in the russian kitchen? Rosemary?

    These are not Americanized Russians. So...... something that would be given to them back home would be non offensive. I know they drink vodka...I don't know when, but have smelled the scent of it on occassion, brand? I don't want to give them food. The woman has asthma and has suffered a stroke so scented candles are out. I was thinking of making her a tea. Anyone know of an English/Russian Picture herb book? Is there a cd or classical group (50's-80's)? Or is that I admire them enough.

    Any Serious Ideas? Kalinka?

    Thank You all.
    It is Winter and Very Cold.

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    They might have already a full music collection, but there are some great russian music out there. I particulary like Vladimir Devyatov, he has a fantastic voice and signs russian folk songs: or any other russian folk music.

    I also liked the Choir Turetskogo, when they came to sing here in SF Don't know where you could get a cd, maybe at your local russian store (Seattle has a bunch, I used to live there )

    Vodka is too easy, unless you can get some rare vodka, but they probably know better than you to find authentic russian stuff.

    But nothing says thank you more than I hand written card in Russian, where you write maybe a paragraph of how much they mean to you, accompanied with maybe a cd or flowers...
    Hei, rett norsken min og du er død.
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    Пожалуйста! Исправляйте мои глупые ошибки (но оставьте умные)!
    Yo hablo español mejor que tú.
    Trusnse kal'rt eturule sikay!!! ))

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    Thank You hon,

    Your response meant so much to me.


    It is Winter and Very Cold.

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    I think that is the most excellent response and I think I will be best to write what is in my thoughts when I do write the thankyou note and I think the cd choice would be an excellent one. I have heard things about colors of flowers... something about yellow meaning one will part ways and something about oarnge being controversial... and I don't know about red. What color will avoid all bad color choices?

    Is purple and white good? Does white mean "funeral"?

    Is purple and peach good?

    What IS NOT good?

    I am silly, I just do not know.
    It is Winter and Very Cold.

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    I have always scored points by giving a gift of books. In Russia I always give photo collections of my home state (small "coffee table" books). In America I have given Russian friends and teachers collections of poems or stories by Russian authors in Russian.
    Russians are well educated and avid readers and seem to have a greater appreciation and respect for literature than Americans do.
    Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

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