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Thread: Sultan Ibragimov interview

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    Sultan Ibragimov interview

    I am from England, born and live there, and have no understanding of the russian language whats so ever, could one you brother/sisters please translate the video, ... 8c156bf938
    the interview is straight after the breif video,

    Please and thanks!
    p.s as you can see from my username, i am a big sultan fan

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    Re: Sultan Ibragimov interview

    Sorry, my English not good, but i just try to translate (for my studing):

    - How many fights you already have?
    - 19. July 28th i'll have next good fight.

    - The most hard fight?
    - I have 2 or 3...

    - Wich one you remember?
    - With American. 6th fight.

    - Realy you will fights with... for... "World Champion"?
    - No. This fight winner can fight for... IBF... with Klichko, he now owned it.
    This fight will at july 28th, here, in Hard-Rock.
    After it, Klichko must give a chance through the year for a winner.

    - How are you feel?
    - I glad that this fight not in Las-Vegas. Many Russians here, in Hard-Rock, support me, im happy.

    - That about your coach?
    - Norman Luis. He work with many champions - Tison, Duran, Kamacho...
    He cant go to the ring. After incident... somуthing in his lerner boxing-glove... his fights outlow in America.

    - Manager?
    - Boris Grinberg. From Rostov, live here. Im from Rostov too. There you from? (to this girl)
    - From Moscow.

    - Then your birthday?
    - 8 march.

    - How old are you?
    - About 30.

    - Are you date with somebody, have you a girl?
    - No, im free. Im workin here, training... have no enough time.

    - That kind of girls you like?
    - Diferent. Not silly, its main thing. Actually, im turn red than speak about girls. (:

    - That music you like?
    - ... various.

    - Your Ideal boxer, then you was a child.
    - We knew only Mohamed Ali and Mike Tison... ... i have possibles contact with my idolz, and now its remained to reach something.

    - Do you spend many time for trainings?
    - Dependig of... many things.

    - That the least (shortest) fight you have? Who with?
    - 7 or 8 fights i finished in first round...

    And more about fishing, sharks, studing, victores...

    ps. if you can correct me it would be great.

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