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Thread: Looking for real pen pals...

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    Looking for real pen pals...

    I'm 26 and I live in Poland. I just started learning Russian a month ago. And I am still learning so my Russian is not very good but I would like to practise it with nice and interesting people I love mountains and photography. If you want to exchange ideas either in English or in Russian just mail me! Maggher at hotmail dot com

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    i'm Diego and I live in Argentina. I can't speak much Russian, but we can eschange ideas in English if that's alright for you. There's always a lot to lear from people from other countries and cultures. What do you think???

    I love languages, that's why I'm interested in learning Russian. Which ones can you speak?

    see you


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    Re: Looking for real pen pals...


    I am Nadja. I live in Moscow, Russia. I am 24.
    My native language is Russian. I need to improve my English.
    I would like to practise English with nice and interesting people, too This way is very pleasant.
    I think I can help you with your Russian.
    We can change messages both in English and Russian.
    I think we can find many common thems for our letters.
    Mail me:

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    oh, Nadia, it's great to see you here!!! hehe!

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    Hola! My name is Michael, and I live in New Mexico(USA). I am very interested in the Russian language! I am very new to the language, so please be patient with me. I would like to learn from anyone who is willing to write with me. I am also a student, at the university of New Mexico. I love music, art, skiing and traveling. Write me back if you would like any help in the English language...or just to meet a new friend!



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