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Thread: Real conversations

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    Real conversations

    Хе-хе, не скажу, что очень смешно, но местами забавно.

    Might I Also Suggest A Dictionary
    Bookstore, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    Customer: “Hi. I need a threesis.”
    Clerk: “A…pardon?
    Customer: “You know–a threesis. It has other words that mean the same as the word you look up.”
    Clerk: “Oh…do you mean a thesaurus?”
    Customer: “Duh! That’s a dinosaur! I need a threesis!”

    It Runs In The Family
    Fast Food, California, USA

    (A little kid comes running up to counter and points at our menu board above my head.)
    Kid: “I want that one!”
    Me: “The taco or the burrito, honey?”
    Kid’s mother: “Don’t point! That’s rude. You have to tell her what you want.”
    Kid: “I want the taco.”
    Me, turning to the mother: “Ok. What can I get for you?”
    Kid’s mother: *points* “I want that one.”

    Living On The Edge
    Ice Cream Shop, New York, NY, USA

    (At an ice cream shop)
    Me: “Would you like any mix-ins with that?”
    Older woman: “Yes, I would like almonds. But not too many, because I’m allergic, and if I have too many I will die.”

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    Of All The Moments For Freud To Slip
    Movie Cinema, Australia
    (I was working the candy bar when a man seeing Bridge to Terabithia with two young kids. He points to the popcorn machine
    Customer: “I’ll have two boxes of cockporn please.”

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    ЛОЛ!!! xa-xa-xa!!

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