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Thread: Chinese-Russian language exchange

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    Chinese-Russian language exchange



    Chinese-Russian language exchange is sought.

    I'll teach you Russian, you teach me Mandarin.

    I am native Russian with linguistic background with some knowledge of Mandarin and other tongues.

    Please don't reply to offer help in Mandarin, I am interested in meeting Chinese people learning Russian. Sorry, not offering to teach English either

    我是俄国人,可是我住在澳大利亚。你要学习俄文?教我中文,我教你俄文 。

    Anatoli - Анатолий - أناتولي - 阿纳托利 - アナトーリー - 아나톨리

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    Re: Chinese-Russian language exchange

    我 是 美 国 人。 我 说 中国文 可是 你叫我 俄文 我叫你 中文。

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    Re: Chinese-Russian language exchange

    Здравствулте! Меня зовут Анна. Я - китайка. (Okay, I'll switch to English now since my Russian is really embarrassing. )
    I'm a chinese student taking Russian in college right now, and if you want to practice/ exchange, I'm more than willing to. (: My Russian is still very bad and I don't know many words yet, though. ^^'
    Anyhow, before I start speaking to you in Chinese, I would like to know how well you know the language - just so I won't intimidate you with too many words at a time ^^'

    I know it's a really late response but do reply if you're still interested in seeking a correspondent! (:

    Oh, and, if you want to chat with me on msn/ AIM, etc., or have a email correspondent, PM me ^^

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