Здравствуйте, 你好,今日は,مرحبا

1) Chinese-Russian language exchange is sought.

1) Chinese-Russian language exchange is sought.

2) Japanese-Russian language exchange 露和言語交換

3) Arabic-Russian language exchange

I'll teach you Russian, you teach me Mandarin, Japanese or Arabic, native speakers please.

I am native Russian with linguistic background with some knowledge of Japanese, Mandarin and other tongues.

Please don't reply just to offer help in Mandarin, Japanese or Arabic, I am interested in meeting native speakers people learning Russian. Sorry, not offering to teach English either

我是俄国人,可是我住在澳大利亚。你要学习俄文?教我中文,我教你俄文 。

私に日本語を教えてくれば、ロシア語を教えてあげます 。

Both Mandarin and Japanese are around lower intermediate but I am getting better. Smile

My Arabic is poor but I know the alphabet, some basic grammar and around 200 words.

Please serious answers only!

I may sound like I am doing too much but languages is my life-time hobby!

Flexibility is appreciated, I prefer mostly e-mail contact, not chat but occasional chats may be beneficial.

No stress or obligation, even if you're busy but have some questions about Russian, please contact me.

I am busy and you may be too, no stress, it could be occasional emails.