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    polish films

    can people recommend me good polish films, please?
    i know poland is a forgotten but renowned country for film making (the school of lodz for instance).

    so far, i know polanski, zulawski, kieslowski and the greatest of all andzrej wajda (clowiek z marmuru and kanal are personal favorites).

    what other great directors could you advise me to check out?
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    You can also watch so famous polish films as OGNIEM I MIECEM, VABANK and VABANK-2.
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    I herd about one called Kshishtof Zanussi, I believe he'sa director too...
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    hyh ?

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    co ty za bzdury wymyslasz, miliard? naprawde uwazasz, ze ktorykolwiek z tych filmow (poza piasnista, rzecz jasna), bylby zrozumialy dla obcokrajowca? Tysiac odniesien do czasow PRLu, czy tez obecnej sytuacji w kraju.

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