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Thread: Shields and Brooks Mull Economic Woes

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    Shields and Brooks Mull Economic Woes

    And the problem is there are very few people -- maybe Dan Ariely was on the segment as one of those few people -- who understands how to marry economics and psychology. So we're pulling a lot of economic levers, but if you don't have any psychological trust, people will not spend, they will not invest. You're just pushing on a string.

    What's mean just pushing on a string? Is it idiom?

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    Re: Shields and Brooks Mull Economic Woes

    Это что-то, что не будет работать.
    "Pushing on a string is a metaphor for influence that is more effective in moving things in one direction than another. If something is connected to you by a string, you can move it toward you by pulling on the string, but you can't move it away from you by pushing on the string. ..."
    "...Важно, чтобы форум оставался местом, объединяющим людей, для которых интересны русский язык и культура. ..." - MasterАdmin (из переписки)

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