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Thread: A cry from the heart!

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    A cry from the heart!


    I and my family, we move to Canada to constant residing, in the end of this year. We submitted documents under the program of Quebec. I all time used the French language as a foreign language. Now my wife refuses to go to the French part. She wants, that for our small children English language was native. And I well understand her. Therefore at present I have an uneasy problem, to learn English less than for a year. I already have an experience of fast studying of the French language. By analogy I wish to study English. But the friend who will correct my errors is necessary to me. I write short texts and I learn them by heart. It is my big request. Respond somebody, who the native speaker of English, please! In exchange I promise the unlimited help in Russian.

    With the best regards,
    absolument77 (at)

    P.S. A thousand apologies for my English!

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    Re: A cry from the heart!

    I'd be happy to help you with any translation or answer any questions you have about English Anton.

    Send me a pm and we'll sort something out.

    Ps - If my Russian was as good as your English i'd be happy
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