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Thread: Dictionary of Indecent Words and Expressions

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    Dictionary of Indecent Words and Expressions

    When I began studying Russian in the military, one of my instructors, David Elyanov, had put together a comprehensive dictionary of indecent words and expressions. It was a very well-done piece of work that was separated by root words and covered everything from basic expression to complex slang usage. Some of these were way out there.

    I found this book to be very useful in my job as a military linguist as it cleared up many missing entries in my translations.

    I've lost my copy over the years and was just wondering if anyone else was familiar with this work and might know where it might be available.

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    I have a book called "Der'mo" that is a pretty good slang translator. Otherwise,

    <a href = "">here is a website</a>
    <a href = "">Militart slang(?)</a>
    <a href = "">The alternative Russian Dictionary</a>

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