No, no, no! I'm not Robert Redford ^^

It's just an idea for those who, sometime, may fell bored.

There's this text, written by Leonid Andriev, which I truly love. He's not a very known writer, I think, but his writings, this one in particular, are away from his time. They are filled with such an humour, and pain, and absence of enderly tabu, take make me want to yell and jump in happiness. For you who may be interested, I would call him: the russian Machado de Assis (a wonderfull Brazilian writer, you must know

So, here's the indecent proposal. If you're Russian (or can speak it as one), are bored, and don't have anything else to do, you may read this, record it, and release on internet for the sake of our ears. I would LOVE to hear this history from fluent russian lips.