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    On april I will travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg and I want to know if there is any important cd's shop because I want to buy things of group t.A.T.u., things that I can't buy in Spain

    Do you know where can I buy it? If you know, please write me the adress.

    Thanks beforehand and... sorry for my english (I hate it... I prefer russian xDDD)

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    You will find CD shops in every corner of the street. I don't know of any especially big ones, maybe some of the locals can answer you on that, but the only TATY things you will find, is maybe their Russian albums (vs. the English one)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalinka_vinnie
    You will find CD shops in every corner of the street.
    And not JUST the corners -- underneath them too! The underground crosswalks usually have them. I actually found those to be more expensive than the stores though -- 100 r. vs. 90 r. in the stores. I know in Petersburg there are a couple of chains -- 505 and Playland, both of which are safe bets. They're all over the place -- usually near the main Metro stations. Trust me, you'll have no problem finding a place to buy cheap CDs.

    505 site with locations:
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