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Thread: Recommend me study material according to my needs

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    Recommend me study material according to my needs

    Hello, this is my first post here.

    I know there already are several threads with people asking for book recommendations, but very seldom the reviews give a good enough description of the book for me to pick one that fits my needs. After reading several threads, I still feel the need to ask this question.

    I have several minor goals on the path to learn Russian. I still do not know how far on the path I will reach. For me it is quite easy to pick up words by reading books. Sadly, this approach will not work with Russian, as without the stress marks and the double dotted 'ë' written out one can not know how to pronounce a word. It would be too much trouble to check each word in a dictionary with stress marks. So my approach will have to be different. I plan to follow this path:

    1. Learn some basic Russian until I understand 20-30% of what is said in most video clips.
    2. Watch quite a bit of clips to quickly expand my vocabulary
    3. Read real Russian books. I will recognize the words I learned in step 2

    So, to begin at step 1, I need some good material to begin my journey. I have these requirements for the material:

    1. It needs to have plenty of full texts. It is better for me to memorize whole sentences than single words.
    2. All words need to have stress marks
    3. It needs to have a dictionary of the new words for each lesson, rather than one big alphabetic list at the end. It takes too long time to find the words in a huge alphabetic list.
    4. It needs to have very clear audio material, preferable really slowly spoken, so I get the right pronunciation. I want to listen to ALL texts, not just a few "sound samples".
    5. I do not care about deep explanations about grammar, but there should be enough told for me to correctly translate the sentences in the text to my own mother tongue.
    6. The vocabulary gained from the material needs to be big enough to cover 20-30% of most Russian videos.

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    Man, what you described was an image of an ideal book (text book + mp3 disk).
    Not sure if it is possible to find such a treasure at all.
    Good luck, anyway!
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    I think the Bible meets your need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gedeon.sword View Post
    I think the Bible meets your need.
    Can the Bible be used as a learning resource? Or is it full of antiquated vocabulary?

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