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Thread: Study Material Help!!

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    Study Material Help!!

    I'm currently using the New Penguin Russian Course by Brown, Schaums Outlines of Russian Grammar, and A Spoonful of Russian... I can't afford Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur... are my materials sufficient?

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    For now they are, but you should try to find some type of CDs at your library to help with your pronunciation. Keep searching the internet free downloads concerning Russian and CDs and such. Go to the golosa web site and do their grammar exercises and watch their videos. There is tons of stuff out there. Check the old threads here at master russian. Do it all!
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    Re: Study Material Help!!

    Quote Originally Posted by strawberryfynch
    I can't afford Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur...
    I don't recommend Pimsleur. Of course I never used it, but I can read the sentences from Pimsleur on this forum, and many of them sound very unnatural or weird from the Russian native speaker's point of view.
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