Dear Friends,

I like your site and forum. It's a good way to communicate. It's so wonderful to know that you are studying my native Russian language so hard . It's so funny to read that you are studying things which seem so simple to me . But I understand you perfectly well as I am studying a foreign language too, the English language. And I am eager to master English. I live in Russia, in the city of Perm, and I speak Russian very well. I speak Russian very well and you speak English very well. Therefore we could help each other, I will help you study Russian and you will help me study English.

Let us practise English and Russian through ICQ, Skype or any other program. And then, I am sure, we'll achieve our goals much more quickly. And it'll be nice to talk to each other.

My ICQ: 339-651-671
Skype: Aleksandror59
e-mail: aleksandr-perm(dog)

Best regards,
Aleksandr (Alexander)