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Thread: Alphabet Pages for Children

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    Alphabet Pages for Children

    I found Russian alphabet pages meant for Russian children and I think they're cool, so I thought I'd share.

    Детский сайт. Для детей раскраски алфавиты, азбуки, буквы и цифры размалевки

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    I once tried to look for "Sesame Street" type learning."A is for Apple" stuff. Simple words, numbers, colors, alphabet, etc. in Russian that was very repetitive to beat the stuff into my skull. No dice.
    Some things are just rote repetition like learning the multiplication tables. Whatever works for you.

    Thanks for making my day! I have Russian , Ukrainian and Belorussian J-1 visa kids working at my motel and they were laughing when they saw this on the site:
    "It is very Russian internet."

    I'm very fortunate to have "My Kids" every year (actually they are the reason I started to learn Russian).
    They will be leaving soon and I'm waiting on a shipment of Katzner's dictionaries/ словари. I learn more every summer and practice all winter with a few chat-pals.

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