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Thread: Having problems with marking topics read.

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    Having problems with marking topics read.

    Don't know if this has been covered before, but if so my apologies.

    First of all, when I log-in, things act normally in the way of unread topics. But the moment I make a post, the forum logs me out. When I log back in, everything is marked read so I don't know what's new.

    Then when I read a topic that is marked unread it won't mark it read. I'll click "Mark All Forums As Read," but it doesn't do a darned thing. The only way to mark everything as read is to log out and then re-log in.

    Is there any particular reason for this? I use Firefox and I do have cookies enabled which shouldn't be a problem. I've never had any other forum do this, does it happen to anyone else?

    (replies in English please, I'm still not that experienced with Russian)
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    Threads sometimes don't get marked as read here, either, but I don't have problems to the extent you describe.
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