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Thread: Greek lounge?

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    Greek lounge?

    I've been surprised there's no such thing yet. Or there must be enough Hellenes on the boards for this to happen? Are there any?

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    Yiasou! I'm not Ellenika/Hellene, but I'd love there to be a Greek Lounge in this forum. I'd love to get my Greek to a passible level. All I can do at this moment, is say the basic phrases. Though I can't spell them. I would have thought a site with other Cyrillic languages would have Greek. I guess there's so many Greek forums elsewhere that Greek learners go to those specialist Greek forums. I don't like our chances, but I also hope a Greek Lounge crops up.
    You're the first person here besides me that I've heard mention the 'G' word. Maybe 'gr@@k' is a swear word in Russian? Maybe that's why nobody talks about it any.

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