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Thread: Can't edit or answer

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    Can't edit or answer

    I got a private message: "Dear L. whenever I try to anser somebody or to edit my posts I always get: "You are not permited this activity (or ssomething like this). Refresh the page and log in again". But of no use, I keen on not getting editing nor answering. What can I do? Thanks"

    Can somebody help here?
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    May be his IP accidentally coincided with a mask banned IP?

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    It may depends on some things. Can't he/she answer a few questions?
    What browser does he/she use?
    What kind of device does he/she use? (Exp. Computer/Ipad/mobile(if this one, what is the model of the mobile?/ etc...)

    It might all depends, he/she may also changed some of his device/browser's setting which is causing this problem.
    But, as a default help, i would say; (hopefully if he/she use a PC or laptop)
    Log out, Reset the computer, Reset the browser's settings, Sign in MR, and see what will happen!

    But i really can't get it, he/she says:
    whenever I try to anser somebody or to edit my post ...
    So if he can't answer(Does he/she mean post?) what he/she is aiming to edit?
    *Is he/she even got registered by Master Admin?
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