I just felt I had to respond to this post by Serbian Wolf as there is a lot of wrong information in the post that was recently locked.

I think that the "evil empire" U.S has reached the peak of economic development and expansion and is entering now an period of stagnation. The energy wars that this country has started indirectly and directly in the last 50 years both politically and militarily is swinging back at them as an Boomerang.
Every economy, no matter how strong the country it is economically, will have a recession, or dip, in its economy, if you've studied economics at all. Look at Japan.. They're coming out of a 10-year recession.

This is certainly not the first time this has happened in the US either. This happened in the '70s, the '80s, the '90s.. The economy had already begun to recede prior to the Bush administration. It began towards the end of the Clinton administration.

In combination whit devastating foreign politics around the World this young nation has started more wars and may ham in the world then any other country in modern History.
Don't you find that a bit of an exaggeration of starting the most wars and chaos in the world? Germany did not start the most wars, but it certainly was the most devestating. Vietnam was not started because of the US.. It originally began between France and Vietnam. The war in Iraq in the 90s wasn't because of the US.. That was begun by Iraq when Hussein invaded Kuwait... So which war, besides the one in Afghanistan and Iraq are you referring to? Yes, the US was INVOLVED, but they did not start it.

This country has succeeded in obtaining more enemies,then any other Country in the World and position it's self as No.1 as the most hated Nation closely followed by Israel as No. 2.
Sorry, but the terrorists don't like the Sweds either.. Why? Sweds aren't Muslim.

The unrest in the middle-east and the 4 Wars that this Country is directly responsible for Afghanistan,Iraq,Palestine,Lebanon and now threatening to spread to Syria and Iran and will most likely in some 6 months to 1 year is my estimated time in which this will happen. And i think that this latest intervention by the Israelis in Lebanon was a direct attempt to involve Syria but most of all Iran.
The US had nothing to do with what happened between Israel and Lebanon.. That had to do with the Palestinians and Lebanese. Palestinians disrupted the 'cease fire' by capturing 3 soldiers.

The panic spreading in the corridor's of Knesset (Jewish Parliment) and Mossad (Israeli CIA) is frantic these days,as Iran is getting closer and closer to their first A-bomb and i promise you that they will never let this happen. [/quote[

According to our pals at the UN, Iran does not have enough uranium for weapons. They stated that it was only for use of energy, resulting in only a small amount.

[quote:1rc37ki6]Now the question is how to prevent this in an effective way,political pressure by their close allay U.S is non effective as we saw in the last years. The Iraq war has sky lunched the Oil prices to the very highest levels in decades. Up to 78$ a barrel as it is today. This has become tremendous problem for the American economy, as their entire economy relies on up to 75% on this energy source.

Actually, the price per barrel has dropped significantly. The US is currently relying on its own reserves and the prices for gasoline have dropped dramatically, from as much as $3 or more down to $2.45.. some place more or less, depending on which state you live in.. Plus, there is a lot of money and research already going into alternative fuels.. The other day I read an article about BMW being the first manufacturer to sell hydrogen fueled cars. There will only be a few 100 sold, however, on the market.

Many Americans are currently investing in hybrid cars and other cars that have more gas mileage. The most popular of these cars in the new Honda Civic, which gets 40 miles to the gallon. Because of this new trend to go for cars with more gas mileage, this has unfortunately affected one of the few American car manufacturers -- Ford, which sells mainly SUVs. Ford sales are actually down by $2.5 million and its stock shares are plummeting down to 17.7%, as of yesterday. They are also currently buying out their employees. Unless Ford changes its way of manufacturing cars, it will certainly go out of business.